Stop Complaining and do something about it

Life has taught me that there is no sense in complaining about something unless you are prepared to change. If you don’t like a job, get a different one. If your friends bring you negative energy, find new friends. If you don’t like cold weather, move somewhere warm.

You have everything you need

One of the biggest “ah ha” moments I’ve had is when I realized that I was born with all of the capabilities and tools that I needed to accomplish my unique purpose. Often we look for external approval that we are talented enough, smart enough, attractive enough, etc. to be deserving of the things we […]

Make A Choice

In life, we have a lot decisions to make. We make our choices and our choices make us. However, one thing I learned about making a decision especially when it comes to choosing between two seemingly great options is to choose a path a stick to it. Do not waste your time in the middle, […]