What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

Appearances are thin veils

How I Learned It:

Our world as of now is built around the concept of the appearance of an individual. We are enamored with perception and the idea of looking appealing to others whether if it is on the internet or in person. People build a persona, an ideal self, for others to see so that they can somehow portray to the masses that they are in a place in their lives absolved of fear, doubt and worry. I am one of these people, I put on a smile, I flex my bravado but I am in fact afraid. I am afraid of the many variables of my life that I can not control. I am afraid of uncertainty and I am afraid of settling for a life that I do not want. This revelation is terrifying as I think about the future and serves as a reminder that whatever people see me as is not set in stone. Our lives are not a snapshot, they are instead a long roll of film that is developing at a very slow crawl. I just need to constantly remind myself this.


Self Reflecion + Fear = Personal Fulfilment

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