What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

Balance is key in your 20’s

How I Learned It:

My life changed drastically when I took on my first corporate job at age 20. My days of rolling out of bed throwing a hat on for class, turned into waking up at 7am and making sure my attire was business professional. While my friends were going to the beach in between classes I was back & fourth to the office. My lack of mid day naps made it hard for me to want to go out like I used and especially partake in Sunday brunches. I was seeing my friends less and less and the fun me was almost gone. I began to hate my job and hated the idea that maybe I was growing up too fast. It took me two and half years to finally accept that this was my life and I needed to balance. I am 22 years old and I now never ever say no to a fun time with my friends. Even if its a quick drink after work or a planned weekend in Miami. Without a balance you’ll question everything. So relax. Enjoy your life, be thankful for opportunities and career growth, and be young!!



Planning + The word "YES" = Great memories and a successful future

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