What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

Blood isn’t always thicker than water

How I Learned It:

Over the years I’ve learned that everyone’s family dynamics can be different. What I mean by that is you can have more than one family. People say “you can’t pick your family”, well I think you can, to an extent lol. I like to think of my “extended family” as my sisters, since I grew up as an only child. These girls have gotten me through things that my family doesn’t know about. The girls who have lived with me and deal with my crazy self. The girls who picked me back up & dusted me off. Those girls are my family. My girl gang, my bridesmaids, and the tias to my future kids. Where I’m getting at is, remember those who have been there for you through tough times, even if there isn’t a special day set aside for them each year. We don’t always recognize them, but we wouldn’t get through this world without em. Sometimes, blood isn’t thicker than water.


A ton of love + guidance = self reflection/fulfillment

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