What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

Grab life by the horns throw the bullshit aside

How I Learned It:

In my young 19 years of life, I missed many opportunities due to the fact of my complacency and mindset of “Everything will fall in place with time”. This was the worst mindset to have in my opinion because it made into someone I didn’t want to become, A dreamer. My senior (The most important year) of High school would have fine if I didn’t become an average senior. My lethargic attitude of one year in life potential cost me years of and time and money.This all could have been avoided if I just decided to put my time in other areas but instead I let time pass hoping that things would just go right for me. I had a chance to get a full ride to FGCU for cross country but I didn’t put my all into Running. Resulting in me not putting the certain amount of miles for my desired time. I again had another opening at a university in Ohio but my Standardize test scores( ACT SAT) would not acceptable. My life as of the summer of my graduation year would have different if I just a greater desire to be great. This however will not stop me, I am man of many up and downs but I will never give up because I have to prove to myself that I am worth something and that I better than the average. This is a hard time in my life but with the idea of never settling and using my falls as motivation will help succeed as a person.


Time divided into the right areas + Moderation = Personal fulfillment