What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

Jump the Gun

How I Learned It:

I’ve learned countless life lessons in my short lifetime one earth mostly taught to me by my parents. The one lesson i had to learn on my own was to jump the gun on your projects , assignments  and studying. Procrastination was a major issue for me during high school and for most of college; it severely damage my grade and i was failing classes i could’ve easily passed. The most important thing i learned was to accomplish the assignment before you do anything else. If possible start doing the homework in class so you don’t have to push it back for later. Although at the beginning of this process can be tedious eventually you realize that you more free time and less stress when you don’t have to think about completing assignments last second. When i applied this lesson to my own life i started to see results instantly as i was passing classes and doing better on test. I was able to enjoy my free time and be the the best me.


getting things done quickly + consistency = stress free and success

Rene C. 1923 male