What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

Make A Choice

How I Learned It:

In life, we have a lot decisions to make. We make our choices and our choices make us. However, one thing I learned about making a decision especially when it comes to choosing between two seemingly great options is to choose a path a stick to it. Do not waste your time in the middle, invest your time being single minded. When you live in indecision, you are counter productive. You cannot build anything with a good foundation, you can’t trust yourself so in turn other people can’t trust you. It is extremely dangerous to live in a double minded state, you will accumulate habits of unfaithfulness in every area of your life to the point that you don’t even realize how bad it is. After college, I was so afraid of messing up my life, letting people down, being afraid of the unknown that I spent two years of my life paralyzed with fear. I experienced only short bursts of productivity that was always easily blown away by the winds and the waves because my decision had no roots and no foundation. So I encourage whoever is reading this, whatever you are trying to decide on – school, jobs, relationships, churches, movements, etc. Be committed sooner than later. If you make a mistake you can always turn around, but don’t be lukewarm. It’s a waste of time.


decison + committed heart, will, & actions = success

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