Be yourself

As you get older life will begin to pull you in different directions. From responsibilities to relationships, to your occupation, everyone is going to want a piece of you. The key is not to lose yourself in trying to please everyone. Stay true to who you are and don’t let the world influence you to […]

Keep a diary

There’s no confidence builder like starting something and seeing it through. Keeping a diary is a way to both track your life and thought and with enough time, it becomes a companion and a ritual. The fact that you contribute regularly means that you show consistency in your actions. Wisdom accumulates by slow accretion. A […]

Patience Always Win

I started a company in 2016, and I thought in 2 months it was going to takeoff. Where I would have 1000’s of people flocking to buy product. 2 months later I only had a prototype. After that 2 months I set a new a goal because I was smarter that in 6 months I […]

Letting Go

People come into your life for a season or for a reason. And sometimes its both. But the possibly the hardest part about any friendship/relationship is letting go of that person when the time comes. You may not want them to go but you cannot hold onto anyone who has already checked out. Sometimes you […]

Stop Feeling Sorry For Ourselves

Acknowledging and owning our internal tribulation is the first step. Once we accept that we are solely autonomous of our lives then the vision becomes clearer. Feeling sorry for circumstances does not change the journey and keeps us stagnant in our process. The day it gets better is the day we decide to make it […]

You Are Not Every Thought That You Think

Have you ever wondered who’s the person you talk to the most? It’s not your snapchat friends, it’s not in your iphone favorite contacts and it’s certainly not the coworker you sit next to. It’s yourself. We talk to ourselves more than any other being on the planet. What I’ve come to learn is that […]

Share your passion

Like any other, looking back while growing up, I realize the mistakes I made. I didn’t want to be told what to do, but now, I realize I needed a “mentor” to guide me in finding what I love. Whether it be the arts, sciences, or athletics, you’ll only know through exposure. When I realized […]

Things aren’t always what they seem

Perception is reality for humans. However, one’s reality does not always align with the truth of what is being observed. Einstein broke this concept down in relative physics when he discovered that an observer in motion sees an object totally different than an observer that is standing still. Now let’s apply this to how we […]

What goes around comes around

I say this because when you are together with someone always remember that whatever you do to them will come back to you. If your partner or family member is down you have to be the one who can lift them up and support in their time of need. If you are mean you are […]