What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

Patience Always Win

How I Learned It:

I started a company in 2016, and I thought in 2 months it was going to takeoff. Where I would have 1000’s of people flocking to buy product. 2 months later I only had a prototype. After that 2 months I set a new a goal because I was smarter that in 6 months I would have 1000’s of athletes using my product. 6 months later I only won one business competition for my idea for $5000 dollars. Then the third time I got really smart and said in 12 months I will definitely have 1000’s of people flocking to use the product. 12 months later I was able to raise 70,000k (angel investors and business competitions), but only had 30 people use the product once. Moral to the story my goal from 12 months ago was to get a 1000 users on the platform, and did not achieve the goal but kept inching closer to it. However I was patient enough to keep building up the process, and was able to achieve major goals along the way even though I failed on accomplishing 1000 users I was raised major capital for the business, Xplosion Technology, and made huge strides for the product development. Patience was a key to success because i’m learning what works and what don’t works.


patience + learning from mistakes = success

Kehlin S. 24 Male