What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

Share your passion

How I Learned It:

Like any other, looking back while growing up, I realize the mistakes I made. I didn’t want to be told what to do, but now, I realize I needed a “mentor” to guide me in finding what I love. Whether it be the arts, sciences, or athletics, you’ll only know through exposure.

When I realized I loved to be driven, I was surrounded by passionate individuals who wanted only one thing, their passion. Given the chance, they would express their love of any subject then hopefully inspire you to love it too. Though I might of not gained their love of a certain topic, I gained their addictive nature and thirst for knowledge. I like to think I gained their itch to accomplish a dream, a dream I didn’t know yet.

Now, I have that passion, and I hope to share with others all the time in an effort to persuade them that “my thing is more awesome than anything else”. But at the same time, I hope to give them the ability to love something in general.


Passion + Giving = An environment for growth

James W. 20 Male