What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

Someone will always have an opinion on how to live YOUR life!

How I Learned It:

Growing up, I lived my life to meet the expectations of everyone else but myself. My career was chosen for me, my interests were defined by others, I was compared to others in my family, judged for being too much of an introvert. As he years went by, I realized that I was not living or being my authentic self because I didn’t know how to be authentically me. In my mid twenties, I vowed to learn who I was, grow into my womanhood, make mistakes and fail and see the lessons in that failure. And most of all live my life without the care of what someone else thought of me! Since flourishing into this new mind set, I am now more able to live my life unapologetically and unbothered!


Self love + Authenticity = Living your purpose