What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

Stop Feeling Sorry For Ourselves

How I Learned It:

Acknowledging and owning our internal tribulation is the first step. Once we accept that we are solely autonomous of our lives then the vision becomes clearer. Feeling sorry for circumstances does not change the journey and keeps us stagnant in our process. The day it gets better is the day we decide to make it better, nothing changes without action. When we engage in positive thought on a daily basis the things within us and around us that were once of gloom will begin to change desirably. It’s very ok to grieve, it’s natural. Grieving doesn’t mean time stops though. So let’s just shake it off and take what’s ours. Life can no longer surprise us, we’ve already seen and felt it all. Better days await its already written.


Good + Bad = Life

Chris A. 23 Male