What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

The Hand We’re Dealt

How I Learned It:

It’s easy for a person like me to feel isolated. I was born with hemophilia, a rare sex-linked genetic blood disorder. I can recall being in and out of the hospital as a child, having friends pass away from cancer, bad joints, numerous surgeries, and alot of stressful memories. So it’s also easy to sink into depression and develop a “woe is me” attitude. But then I realize I am not the only one with hemophilia. I also am not the only person who struggles, as we all have our own battles to fight in this life. Once this realization came to me, I knew I had two choices. Choice number 1: I could let this condition keep me from experiencing life to the fullest and hindering me from my dreams. Choice number 2: I could buck up and finish off strong. There are people with illnesses who live on to do incredible things, and I have no excuse. Hellen Keller, Stephen Hawkins, Nick Vujicik, list goes on. The one thing was they knew the obstacles ahead, but they didn’t give up or refused to let it define them. That’s a skill I am still learning well into my 20s. But the older I get, the more I’m blessed to see that anything is possible with some faith and mental fortitude. I have graduated with a Bachelors in History and a Minor in Biology with aspirations of becoming a physician assistant and traveling the world. If you can make an omelet with some broken eggs, you can draw a winning hand with a trash beginning deck of cards.


Persistance in Struggle + Willpower = A life of overcoming

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