What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

What goes around comes around

How I Learned It:

I say this because when you are together with someone always remember that whatever you do to them will come back to you. If your partner or family member is down you have to be the one who can lift them up and support in their time of need. If you are mean you are closing all your doors of opportunity. Even for those who like to work alone don’t realize that they are closing the the same doors that someone else could come in and help them with their goals.
They say ‘what you put in the bank is all that you can withdraw’, how many of us want more from others than we have given to them? It is only when you are good to people can you expect others to return your energy.
Lastly as someone who believes in God I believe in hard work. I always like to help others. In my prayers I say “God here I am in a big country, please use me to help others”.

– Marie S. Domond


a good heart + showing love in time of need = happiness

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