What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

Why Self- Reflection is Important

How I Learned It:

8 Lessons to Live by Every Day:
1. The hardest thing in the world is being vulnerable, not just to others, but to ourselves.
2. It’s hard to admit when we are wrong, not just to others, but to ourselves.
3. Life is fucking hard & sometimes we feel like we can’t deal with it, but this is where we need to be vulnerable and LOVE OURSELVES UNCONDITIONALLY.
4. You’re not alone in this crazy beautiful life and we are all perfectly imperfect, so walk in truth to who you are.
5. Confronting the way you feel is hard, but it feels damn good when it’s worked THROUGH because this is the reflection necessary to find the best version of yourself.
6. Accept the feelings that you feel because no one can tell you how to feel some sort of way.
7. No one and nothing can hurt you unless YOU allow it because YOU ARE ENOUGH.
8. The only faith you need is faith in yourself, so stop and look at the situation, be honest with yourself and your feelings and walk in truth because this is how the world becomes a better place through an internal movement expressing itself and setting an example spreading to something way bigger than itself.


Vulnerability + Expression = A MOVEMENT

Alina O. 2016 Female