What I've Learned...

Lesson Learned:

You Are Not Every Thought That You Think

How I Learned It:

Have you ever wondered who’s the person you talk to the most? It’s not your snapchat friends, it’s not in your iphone favorite contacts and it’s certainly not the coworker you sit next to.

It’s yourself.

We talk to ourselves more than any other being on the planet. What I’ve come to learn is that life will bring many situations to you and it does not care how you handle them or if you’re a good person or if you already have a lot on your plate. You’re going to have obstacles regardless. But where most people lose the battle and it’s usually before it even starts is when you accept the natural negative thoughts that may first come to mind. I learned that you can’t control what thoughts come to you but you can control what thoughts you keep. A big part of this process is recognizing the the type of thoughts that come to your mind throughout the day and knowing that you don’t have to believe every single one. You’re born to win and something or somebody does want you to succeed but you have to tell yourself that more than anyone else. Women, be you’re biggest cheerleader. Men, be your biggest fan. Starting speaking the things out loud that you want to see happen and don’t stop until you see them. You will become the best friend you never had.


Thought Recognition + Right Thought Acceptance = A Stronger, Better, Happier You

Seth B. 26 Male